Overview of RREA

The Rural and Renewable Energy Agency (RREA) is an independent agency of the Government of Liberia, established in January 2010 to facilitate and accelerate the economic transformation of rural Liberia by promoting the commercial development and supply of modern energy products and services to rural areas through the private sector and community initiatives with an emphasis, but not necessarily exclusive reliance, on locally available renewable resources. The RREA will also manage a Rural Energy Fund (REFUND) that will facilitate and provide for the coordinated and sustainable financing of projects and programs for the delivery of modern energy services in Liberia’s interior. The REFUND is the channel through which domestic and international financial resources intended for rural and renewable energy delivery in Liberia will be managed.

In January 2010, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf issued Executive Order No. 23 establishing Liberia’s Rural and Renewable Energy Agency (RREA), and a Rural Energy Fund (REFUND), to bring modern energy services to Liberia’s rural areas.  Finally in July 2015, an act was passed establishing the Rural and Renewable Agency (RREA).
The RREA will work with the communities to discuss their needs and opportunities for such projects. The RREA will also work closely with Liberia’s private sector and community developers to investigate how these entities can be encouraged to bring electricity to the rural areas. In addition to training and outreach, the RREA is expected to provide financial support such as grants, subsidies and loan guarantees to rural communities and the private sector. “Modern rural energy services have in the past been the stepchild in the support that the government has brought to the Liberian people.